Born in the southernmost corner of the world in Santiago de Chile, based in Copenhagen Denmark, Nicolas Arroyo is the hand, pen and soul behind the project Nic Naar.

Captivated by people, and our ability to reflect the life around us, Nicolas' work is a constant search for bridging the Global South and North by portraying what life offers and unfolds on a regular basis.

Moods, sounds, architecture, relationships and, of course, human beings and their personalities, are some of the key elements that inspire and compose his images. 

Powered by a ritualistic manner and driven by simplicity and austerity, Nicolas' drawings are snapshots of ‘nowhere’ places between different latitudes of the globe. A salute to a hybrid iconography originated in some place between the Andes Mountains, Southern Africa, a noisy metropolis, remote Patagonia, and the Scandinavian baltic sea. 

Nicolas is also the Co-Founder of Strategic Innovation firm Bespoke and a graduated Kaospilot.